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Longchamp Mademoiselle Longchamp Crossbody bag - Orange - Clearance


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Longchamp Mademoiselle Longchamp Crossbody bag - Orange - Clearance
Longchamp Mademoiselle Longchamp Crossbody bag - Orange - Clearance
Longchamp Mademoiselle Longchamp Crossbody bag - Orange - Clearance

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Product OverviewLongchamp Mademoiselle Longchamp Crossbody bag - Orange - Clearance
This discreet, rectangular crossbody bag can be slipped over a belt for optimum freedom of movement or worn from the shoulder thanks to its small removable chain. MADEMOISELLELONGCHAMP, chic style coupled with an uninhibited French allure.MADEMOISELLE LONGCHAMP epitomises the Longchamp spirit, an unreserved, impertinent, insouciant, free French spirit.Elusive, a traveller at heart, her chic allure will take her both to the end of the street and the end of the world. She is bold enough to reinvent her life, to create her own codes. MADEMOISELLE LONGCHAMP embodies this French spirit, often worn where it’s least expected, including in terms of style.Its signature is an iconic clasp, and the details on its shoulder strap and the enamelled wax seal give the line character.Bold and sophisticated, this version features contrasting materials and colors, combining python-style lambskin with the sensual feel of velvet calfskin.
  • Reference : L2088HQG017
  • Dimensions : 18 x 12 x 6 cm / 7 x 4.7 x 2.3 in
  • Material : Python-style lambskin, Split velvet calfskin
  • Trimming : Metis leather
  • Lining : Polyester - Jacquard, Longchamp ribbons
  • Accessories finishing : Nickel
  • Weight : 336 g
  • Exterior details

    • Closing : Zipped
    • Compartments : 1
    • Details : 3 cm belt loop

    interior details

    • Zipped pocket : 1
    • Flat pocket : 1


    All Longchamp items are created with the utmost care in our workshops.To guarantee their longevity, we recommend that you follow a few simple rules:
    protect the product from heavy rain;
    avoid all contact with oily products, products containing solvents or alcohol (perfume for example);
    avoid prolonged exposure to br ight light;
    for dark-coloured items, avoid prolonged contact with light-coloured fabr ics, especially in a humid environment;
    for light-coloured items, avoid friction with other materials or prints whose colours may rub off (jeans for example);
    be careful not to scr atch or rub the product against abr asive surfaces;
    after use, we recommend storing your bag in a case , away from light, humidity and heat.

    This product can be protected by applying a waterproofing agent, following the recommendations given by the manufacturer.